About Me.

     I was born and raised in Austin, Tx. and at age 13 I was introduced to tennis. My tennis career started off relatively “quick”; at age 14 I began to take private lesson, I joined my high school tennis team, and I began to compete as a singles player in local city tournaments. I worked hard and played hard as a junior player, and following my senior year of high school, I was granted a tennis scholarship to Portland State University. I attended Portland State, unfortunately the tennis program was cut a year into my scholarship, but I continued to attend the university anyways. At this time, however, I began a slow transition from playing to teaching, and after I was finished with school I moved back to Austin to grow my tennis career as a coach- in the very city where I learned it.

In the years that I’ve taught tennis, I’ve come to the conclusion that this sport can indeed be played at any age. This can not be done however, without correct fundamentals and a proper understanding of the game; a full appreciation of modern and dated strategies and a solid understanding of the building blocks needed to achieve the goals we set forth. My mission as a coach is to instill in my students the proper fundamentals of the game, as well as helping the student understand his or her own game, and how it can apply it on the tennis court.

It is also my belief that this game can be learned and enjoyed at any age. All are welcome,

David Zamora.


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